Psychology Weekly Calendars

Please note that this is just a draft- things happen to change our schedule. I will try to update our calendar as often as possible. 

Unit One: What is Psychology

Chapters: 1 and 2

This Week's Calendar

 Topic                                                  Homework/Tests/Projects










Wednesday, August 31



Welcome Back! 



Thursday, September 1



Icebreaker- Would You

Rather. . . 

 Begin Working on Ch 1 and

2 Reading Guides


 Friday, September 2 



What is Psychology?




Next Week's Calendar

 Topic                                                  Homework/Tests/Projects
Monday September 5


No School- Labor Day


Tuesday, September 6


Methods of Psychology



Wednesday, September 7


Methods of Psychology-

The Experimental Method


Thursday, September 8


Correlation Activity




 Friday, September 9


Explain Project- In Class Time to Plan


 Begin Project