Civics Syllabus and Class Rules

Civics/US History I 

Some Topics We Will Learn About:

American Citizenship

 The Roots of American Democracy and the Creation of the Constitution

The Bill of Rights

The Three Branches of Government

Political Parties

The Nationalist Era

The Sectional Crisis

The Civil War and Reconstruction 

My Expectations:

1.       An open mind

2.      Respect for the ideas and opinions of others

3.      Responsibility- keeping up with assignments and coming to see me if you need extra help

4.      Participation- I run a very student centered class. Your participation is essential.

5.      Academic Honesty- All students will do their own work. Cheating and plagiarizing will not be tolerated and students who fail to conform to this policy will be dealt with severely. In case of group projects, individuals will still be held accountable through the assignment of a group and individual grade.  

Class Rules: 

1.       Be on time to class. (3 tardies is a detention)

2.      Be prepared- notebook, textbook if I asked you to bring it, writing utensil, assignments.

3.      Please do not speak to other students when I am speaking or when a classmates is contributing.

4.      Do not do your homework while in class.

5.      Take care of the classroom as if it was your own property- no writing on desks, textbooks, etc.

6.     No cell phones or texting- this is your warning! If I see them I will take them away. 

Class Requirements: 

1.       Class participation, homework assignments and readings.

2.      Quizzes and unit tests of varying formats.

3.      In class and take home projects, both group and individual.

4.      Mid Term and Final Exam 

Make-Up Work: 

1.       Make up quizzes and tests will be given only if a student has an excused absence on the original day of the test. 

 2.      Students are responsible for getting notes and assignments when absent, Check the folders in the back of the room.    

Homework Policy:  

1.       All homework is meaningful and meant to serve a purpose, it either prepares you for the next class or reinforces what you have already learned. Therefore it is very important that you complete your homework.

2.      Collected homework assignments will be accepted up to 1 day past the due date. It will be graded and dropped one letter grade.  

Project Policy: 

1.       Long term projects and essays WILL NOT be accepted past the due date with the exception of a legitimate excused absence.  This may sound harsh, but my goal is to instill responsibility and to prepare you for college and the real world. I have never had a professor who accepted late papers or projects. This is a significant portion of grade so plan ahead and be on time! 

2.      Saying your printer broke is not an excuse for having an assignment. Bring it in on a USB. An e-mail that mysteriously doesn’t reach me is not acceptable either. You can still access your e-mail and print it out at school.  

Extra Credit: There will be several opportunities for extra credit throughout the year.  

Extra Help: If you have any questions or concerns, please do not wait- come to see me as soon as confusion arises. I am available after school, all you have to do is let me know you are coming. You can also e-mail me at 

 Note: These rules and policies are in effect in all Social Studies classrooms at Wolcott High School.