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Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the Eighth Grade at Dickson Middle School. I want you to have an enjoyable and successful year in math class.  The 8th grade math class is designed to prepare students for high school mathematics. This school year, the Dickson County Schools will transition to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. In 8th grade, additional instructional time will focus on two key areas in preparation for high school math: (1)grasping the concept of functions and (2) how they are used.

 Students are expected to complete all assignments and projects by the due date and complete all math goals every nine weeks. Students may have a hard time at first, but they are encouraged to keep trying and to ask for help when needed. As one of your child’s teachers, I feel it is important for you and your child to know what I will be expecting from your child. Here are some guidelines that I think will be helpful.

Be prepared each day. Students are not allowed to go to lockers for forgotten materials. The following materials will be needed in class:

· A 3-ring math folder and or notebook (for class notes)

· Standard size paper

· Pencil (all work must be done in pencil)

· Textbook

· Calculator TI - 34

· Homework (to be turned on loose-leaf paper on the day it is due)

· Student Planner (to write daily assignments)

Be on time. You are expected to be in your seat with sharpened pencils and ready to begin class work.

Make-up work - A student is responsible for making up all work after an absence. Check the calendar posted in the classroom for any missing assignments. To obtain full credit, missing work needs to be completed in a timely manner.

Late work- Any assignment that is late or incomplete cannot receive an A or a B. Late work or redone work will have a 20% penalty. Consequences for students not having work ready to turn in on time may include before or after school tutoring, missing on rewards, games, or outside time. Students will receive a zero until the work is completed and turned in.

Graded papers- All papers must have the following “heading” in the upper right handcorner of the page.   

                                                                                                                                                       First and Last Name
                                                                                                                                   Class/Period (e.g., Algebra /1st)

                                                                                                                         Assignment (page #, and problems #)

A 3-ring folder or notebook is required. Folders will be organized in the following manner:

Warm-ups/TCAP Review -This section should contain your daily 5 minute warm-ups completed at the beginning of each class.

Notes - This section should contain all your notes for the current quarter. When you miss class, you should get the notes from another classmate or ask teacher for her notes. (Note taking hints: label each section with the section number, title, and date, write legibly, include all examples, and be thorough.)

Quizzes /Tests - Tests will be used to prepare for each end of quarter exam. ***Parent/Guardian signature is required on every test.


Grades will be based upon the following.

Tests (35%) – Chapter tests will be given at the end of each chapter and will be based on the objectives covered in the unit of study. Nine week’s exams will be given at the end of each grading period and will be comprehensive for that period. The End of Course exam will be given at the end of year and will cover material from the entire year.

Quizzes (30%) - Each quiz will be worth 10 points and there will be approximately 4 quizzes per quarter.

Homework (25%) - This may include graded homework and worksheets on material currently being covered.

Warm-ups (10%) - Warm-ups will be turned in at the end of each week for a total of 5 points per day. Students will be excused of a day warm-up if absent on that day.

Signed Papers - All graded papers and informational letters sent home are required to be signed.

TCAP- This test counts 20% of each child’s second semester math grade.

Algebra 1 EOC- Eighth grade Algebra 1 students will take this test in lieu of TCAP(math), which will count 20% of their second semester math grade as well.


You may now go to the Parent Portal website to check your child's grades. If you have not logged on before, you will need to register as a new user. The PSN is the last 5 digits of your child's social security number as the password. Click #HYPERLINK "http://www."here to view instructions on registering as a new user.

The "Progress" tab gives you individual grades in each subject. The "Grades" tab will only give you class averages.

I appreciate your interest and cooperation in making this year a successful one.


Maria Thornton

Math teacher