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What to expect in American History

Student schedules have changed, classrooms have changed, and things teachers are teaching have changed, but I believe students are finally where they are going to be for American History (I think). I am looking forward to teaching the children about the beginnings of our nation and how we became a country. I was lucky enough to have spent a week at the Colonial Williamsburg Teachers’ Institute during the summer of 2010, and I just returned from Richmond, Virginia a couple of weeks ago – I LOVE history! My goal is that each student comes to enjoy history as much as I do, and that each student will have a firm grasp on the origins of the nation.

Syllabus for the year:

• Background information on the 13 original colonies

• Unit 1: The American Revolution (1776-1789)

• Unit 2: Building a New Nation (1789-1800)

• Unit 3: Expansion and Conflict (1800-1850)

• Unit 4: Growth of a Nation (1800-1860)

• Unit 5: Reform Movements (1800-1861)

• Unit 6: The Civil War (1861-1865)

• Unit 7: Reunion and Reconstruction (1885-1877)

Supplies needed: • Writing instrument (blue or black pen ONLY or mechanical pencil) • Notebook or binder with 3 sections: notes, terms, quizzes/writing • Map pencils (not on a daily basis) • Art materials throughout the year for projects. I will give the students plenty of notice of what and when these materials will be needed.

Expectations: • Students will be prepared DAILY - all needed materials, homework, prepared for exams, and ON TIME.

• Students will be prepared for notebook checks weekly or biweekly for a graded assignment.

• Students will take care of materials (texts, notebooks, supplies, etc.) and will maintain organization of notes.

• Students will participate in class discussions and group projects.

• Students will study, daily, for exam preparation.

• Students will follow the classroom rules.