Mrs. Magnani's Science Class Website


This is where you can find helpful information about my classes. 


Some of the things you will be able to access from this website are:


     * Daily/Weekly Classwork and Homework




For distance learning:  

        *  Assignments are due on the date given in Google Classroom.  

        * Late assignments will earn 1/2 credit up to 1 week late.  After a week, no credit will be earned.  


This will apply when/if we return to in-class learning:

           *  work occuring while absent IS NOT considered late.  Labs/activities requiring special equipment, videos, quizzes and test must be made up          

                within a week during Husky Help.

           *  When absent, the website should be used to determing what was missed the day of the absence.  A lot of if can be made up by students on their

               own.  When there is something that needs further explanation, plan to attend Husky Help Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday to get help.  

           *  Work not turned in on time is considered LATE.  LATE work will earn 1/2 credit if turned in within ONE WEEK of the due date

           *  One week after the assigned date of an assignment is too late to earn any credit.  The purpose of assignments is to give students 

                   feedback on their understanding of a topic.  Feedback needs to be timely to be effective.  There's no point in giving feedback 

                   (points on an assignment) once we are finished with the topic.