Ms. Turner's First Grade Classroom


Hello students and parents! My name is Mandy Turner, a first grade teacher at Springfield Elementary School.  I am very pleased to be a first grade teacher and would like to welcome all students to my classroom! This will be an exciting year of new beginnings for students, parents, and myself.  The school year will be filled with amazing learning adventures and fun opportunities.  I know it is a major transition from kindergarten to first grade, so I will do everything in my power to make the transition a smooth one! I look forward to the school year and meeting all of you!

Homework Policy

Students will usually have homework Monday through Wednesday nights.  Homework will be sent home in each student's "homework folder" each night.  Students should complete the night's homework and turn it in the next morning.  All homework from the entire week should be turned in by Thursday.  Each night's homework assignment should not take longer than 30 minutes to complete. If there are questions about how to perform any homework questions, please make a note on the homework so I can help the student understand! The ultimate goal is for students to become knowledgeable and succeed!  Also, there will be no homework assigned during the weekend! I know family time is important! Smile

Conference Information

I am available for conferences before or after school, by appointment.  I will be keeping in touch with parents as much as possible, so we can do everything to help your child succeed! I will communicate student's progress through e-mail, phone calls, letters sent home, etc. 

Please feel free to contact me anytime:

Phone: 555-555-5555


Classroom Rules

1. Follow directions the first time they are given.

2. Respect myself, others, and property.

3. Act responsibly.

4. Do your best work!

5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.



This site can keep you updated on student's grades, attendance, homework information, etc.