DateDay 1Lesson Main Concepts to CoverHomework
8/12/101Lecture Handouts / CompTIA Website                          PPT 1 Path of a TechRead A+  Chapter 1,3 Do Key Terms
Lab Project 1.1 pg 17
Google ESD Hazards
 2LabSim 1.3.3 External Components
1.3.4 Parts and Connectors
1.3.5  Setup a Computer
 3Lecture PPT 3 Visible PC 
 4LAB 3.02- Examine User Accessible Components
3.03 – Identify External Connections
3.04 - Safeguard against ESD
DateDay 2Lesson Main Concepts to CoverHomework
8/13/105LabSim 4.1.4  Connect Devices
4.1.5  Connect  Peripherals
4.4.1 Input Devices
4.2  USB Section
4.3  Firewire Section
Read A+ Chapter 5 Do Key Terms, Essay Quiz
Master Student Read Intro and Chap 1
Do journal 2

 6Lecture PPT 5 CPU’s 
 7Lecture Master Student  Intro
What do I want from my education?
When I complete my education I want to be able to….
Master Student Read Chaps 2 &3 for Monday
 8LabSim 3.3 Processors
3.3.1 Processor Concepts
3.3.2 CPU Facts
3.3.3 CPU Performance Facts
3.3.4 CPU Exam Questions
DateDay 3Lesson Main Concepts to CoverHomework
8/16/109Lecture Master Student Chapter 1Study for Test 1,3,5
 10Lecture Master Student Discovery Wheel
Learning Styles Inventory
 11LAB Lab 5.03 – CPU Removal
LabSim -complete
 12Quiz Chapter1, 3&5 quiz 
DateDay 4Lesson Main Concepts to CoverHomework
8/17/1013Review Review for testRead A+ Chapter 6  Do Key Terms
Do Essay Questions
 14Test Test 
 15Review Review Test Results 
 16Lecture PPT Chapter 6  RAM 
DateDay 5Lesson Main Concepts to CoverHomework
8/18/1017Lecture Master Student Chapter 2
Planning & Time Management
Read A+ Chapter 7  Do Key Terms
Do Essay Questions
 18LAB 6.01 – Determine amount of RAM
6.03 – Remove and Install RAM
 19LabSim 3.4.1  Select Memory
3.4.2-3.4.3  Install Memory
3.4.4 – 3.4.6  Troubleshoot RAM
3.4.7  RAM Quiz
Master Student Read Chap 3      
 20LabSim Complete all Labs