ASL Syllabus

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American Sign Language I and II  is a set of courses that will satisfy the 2 year foreign language requirement for graduation. American Sign Language is a unique language, with its own vocabulary, grammar, structure, and culture. Students will be required to provide several presentations in class using all of the ASL grammar, non-manual grammar and lots of creativity.  Because you will often perform in front of the class it is important to become a family.  There is a NO TOLERANCE policy for put downs, or teasing of any kind during or after performances.  Such behavior will result in removal from my class.


Warm Up  folder will be provided for you and  kept in the classroom. please bring a pen or pencil EVERYDAY, for warm ups, notes, and other assignments.

I also ask that you bring a flashdrive that I will keep in my classroom. Because ASL is a visual language, and you will be doing several presentations, I will record them, and put them on your flashdrive. It should be no less than 2 gigs, and preferably 4 gigs. This way if you ever have questions we can over the presentation together. Flashdrives can be purchased for less than 10 dollars, and will last both  years of your ASL class. Please write your full name on your flash drive before giving it to me.

You will be given a pair of EAR PLUGS to begin this week.  They will probably last a week.  YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN after that.  You can buy from me in class or get a pair of reusable ones for the whole year.


NO TALKING UNLESS GIVEN PERMISSION (use the white board under desk if you need to ask a question)

Have your WARM UP  folder out, and be in your desk working on the warm up before the bell!

Follow instructions the first time given.

Phones, I-pods, and all other electronic devices stay in your bag, which stays on the FLOOR! If you are caught texting, checking phone/ipod, I will send it to the office.

Do your presentations, homework, warm-up’s that I assign!! This is non-negotiable.

This year late work will NOT be accepted unless you have an excused absent, then you have 2 days to turn in the work. 

PROJECTS and PRSENTATIONS will always be presented but will lose points for being late. 

Work can be turned in EARLY for extra points.


It is your responsibility to ask me for your make up assignments.

Make up work is anything that you missed during an excused absence only! Unexcused absences will result in late work/zeros.

Warm-Ups can not be made up.... So please make appts. for other times during the day.... In other words DON"T MISS CLASS.


All students are expected to fully participate in every class activity. Because American Sign Language is a visual language, it is even more important to participte during class. I will give a grade each week  for participation during an activity. This includes NOT TALKING The grade will be determined based on how well you are following directions, if you are on task, communicating with the correct vocabulary and grammar, and if you are working without your voice.