alloy steel pipes

Classification of alloy steel pipes



Steel pipes have immense use in the industrial setup. These are used in places where there is more corrosion. These are prioritized over carbon steel because of higher durability and lesser capacity of getting corroded. Although stainless steel pipes have a higher resistance power against corrosion, the alloy steel pipes are more preferred due to their low cost and maintenance.

Alloy steel pipes are installed at various places like in the construction industry to manufacture rails, rods, girders, and many other important products. However, the properties of the alloy steel are dependent upon the composition and proportion of the mixing elements.

Why used steel?

Steel is like the most favorable product of the construction industry. It is one of the most durable products, and it doesn't get corroded, unlike iron and other metals.

It's physical, and chemical properties make it one of the most preferred substances.

By undergoing a rigorous evolutionary process, steel has come very far.

Alloys of steel

The basic question that arises in everyone's mind is what are alloys of steel. Steel alloys are nothing but steel mixed with other elements in a varying amount. The elements are mixed in addition to carbon since steel itself is an alloy of iron and carbon. These other elements can be Manganese, Chromium, Vanadium, Boron, Silicon, Cobalt, copper, and many more. These modify the properties of carbon steel in numerous ways like heating capacity, pressure bearing capacity, malleability, and ductility and find their way towards the construction industry.

There are two types of alloy steel that are used in pipes.

1.Low alloy steel

These are the alloy steel in which the alloying elements are mixed in a proportion of less than 7-8%.

2.High alloy steel 

These alloy steel consist of alloying elements for more than 7-8%.

Uses of alloy steel

  • In the construction industry
  • As alloy steel pipes
  • As alloy steel bars
  • As alloy steel flanges
  • In the automobiles​ industry
  • In the mining sector
  • In machinery and equipment
  • Road construction
  • Buildings for large structures and many more other places

Alloy steel definitely is a better choice over carbon steel due to its higher durability.

Alloy steel pipes are the primary choices for industries where there is a lot of corrosion and wear and tear. Alloy steel pipes are able to withstand adverse situations more efficiently.

There are a lot of versions available for alloy steel pipes such as-

  • A333 grade 6 pipe
  • API 5L Grade B
  • API 5L X42
  • API 5L X52
  • API 5L X65
  • Duplex steel pipe
  • Din 2391 st52
  • Din 2448 Pipe
  • IS 1239 pipe
  • IS 2062 pipe


These are some of the versions of pipes available. The alloy steel pipes are an excellent choice for almost all the sectors where steel pipes are being used. These are not just durable but also cheaper. These are extensively used in almost all major industries.

Alloy steel pipes, due to alloying elements, have altered physical and chemical properties, making them the most favorable choice for using it in place of stainless steel or carbon steel.