Visit the Tustin High MUN website to complete a WishList for SOCOMUN - The South Orange County MUN Conf. at Santa Margarita Catholic High School on Saturday, September 29, 2012   

To read your topic synopsis go to the SOCOMUN Website  

Let's get started on your First Conference - SOCOMUN - South Orange County Model United Nations

#1 Make sure you have the right topic - then go to the Socomun Website (above) and copy your topic synopsis into a File for this conference. You should make a SOCOMUN Folder and keep all your files for this conference in that folder.

#2 Open an e-mail to yourself so that you can save URL's (that's the address of a website), good ideas and information that you copy and paste into your e-mail. Keep sending it to yourself and adding information to it so that if all else fails you can find it there.  When you write your Policy Paper you MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES.  If you don't save your URL's you will not be able to site your sources properly and can be disqualified for plagiarism (look it up).

#3 Read your Topic Synopsis....then read it again, this time, highlighing key terms and information as well as the Questions to Address at the end of the Topic Synopsis.  Any of these can be copied and pasted into Google (or Google Scholar or any other search engine you may use) to see what information you can find

#4 Begin to establish some of your favorite news sites for research - LA Times - NY Times - Washington Post - - Reuters News - CNN - Fox News - plug in some key terms and look for events, quotes and activity that relates to your topic, including conferences, treaties and international summits.

#5 Learn about your country.  Start with the CIA World Factbook.   Depending on your topic you may need to know who are their trading partners, what is their poverty level, what resources are the basis of their economy, what religious, regional and political values they share with other countries that might pre-determine their voting bloc.

#6  Start thinking about solutions to the WORLD'S problem.  Your country has sent you to represent their views on a WORLD ISSUE from a national perspective.  You're NOT solving this problem in / for YOUR country only, but FOR THE WHOLE WORLD!