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Grading Expectations: Assignment (home work, quiz, class work), tests and nine weeks project shall make up the grade. All assignments, tests, and nine weeks project shall be averaged together for the final grade.


Assignments: will be graded on a letter grade basis but as letters are difficult to average, letters have been assigned numbers (i.e. Palm Beach County grading scale). Assignments are assigned to promote practice therefore is not graded for absolute accuracy but for completeness. Late work will be accepted with a 10% point deduction for each day after it was due. Assignments count for 50% of the final grade.


Newspaper Articles: will be assigned for class work and homework. This article is to be from some news source such as a newspaper, news magazine, or internet news source. The article shall be cut out or printed and attached to the assignment. The assignment will be at least five paragraphs (unless I change the requirements) of your OPINION about the article. This is to be a complete thought or idea including support for your opinion. This assignment will be graded on the completeness of your “argument”.


Tests: There will be tests for every chapter we complete during the nine weeks covering specific areas of interest. If the student has an excused absence, there will be an essay make-up test. Test count for 40% of your final grade.


Nine weeks Project: will be announced at a later date. 10% of final grade


Make up policy: All make up work will be given out before school (6:50 am – 7:20 am).


Textbook: is online under your Edline account.


Behavior Expectations: School rules will be enforced

  1. No food, drinks, gum or anything else in your mouth will be tolerated.
  2. There is accountability for tardies (will follow school policy)
  3. There will be respect for all students, faculty, guests, and their opinions.


Percentage of grades:                                                GRADING SCALE:

- Assignments             = 50%                          90-100             = A

- Tests                          = 40%                          80-89               = B

- 9 weeks project         = 10%                          70-79               =C

                                                                        60-69               =D

                                                                        59-BELOW    =F