Standard One


Standard 1- Design and implement engaging and flexible learning experiences for individuals and groups


*ICT is an integral part of standard one. It is an integral part of the twenty first century classroom. It is important in teaching and learning however as a teacher I will need to decide where the curriculum bests suits and needs the use of computers and technology, knowing when their needs are inappropriate. ICT is an excellent scaffolding tool. Computer supported learning provides great assistance and support for individuals at particular times when the teacher or aide cannot provide this help.
*I realise the importance of creating engaging lessons for my students, so they continue to be motivated each day and want to learn. As teachers it’s vital that we implement flexible learning experiences for all students as not everything always goes to plan each day.  I can understand this as I have been involved in lessons not always going to plan, whilst on my prac. As much as ICT is integral in creating these lessons, it is not always as reliable as pen and paper due to the technical difficulties that can be had. Always having a back up plan is key to the successful learning expriences for all students.
* One way I plan on designing engaging lessons is getting to know my students likes and dislikes. Evidence of my ability to understand the interests of my students and create these engaging learning experiences can be seen through the associate teacher lesson reviews years two and three pracs. 
*I therefore believe that I will meet the requirements of Standard One of the QCT Standards.