Standard Two


Standard 2- Design and implement learning experiences that develop language, literacy and numeracy


*Language, literacy and numeracy are all integral foundations of life long learning for students. They provide students with the fundamental skills that will allow them to develop and grow as learners. Explicit teaching of these areas throughout all KLA’s is important so that students are able to succeed in learning outcomes and exhibit effective speaking, listening, reading, viewing, writing, shaping and numeracy throughout a range of subjects and contexts.
*ICT is important in designing and implementing these learning experiences as it supports, scaffolds and enhances literacy and numeracy development in students.
*Throughout my time at university I have developed both literacy and numeracy lesson plans and whole units. I believe one specific numeracy unit plan builds on students prior knowledge before allowing them to develop and use mathematical applications and problem solve. This Unit "Data and statistics" designed for a year 3 class, over a 4 week period. It provides students with the opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge of a numeracy experience (data and statistics) whilst still building on their knowledge of literacy and language. The lessons throughout this unit are sequenced to provide students with the ability to build on their knowledge and gain new understandings throughout. 
*I believe I have successfully started to meet the requirements of QCT standard two.