Standard Three


Standard 3- Design and implement intellectually challenging learning experiences 


*Students are encouraged to use self-inquiry and higher order thinking as they search for new information in new and unfamiliar contexts. Students should be encouraged to investigate worthwhile topics and issues that provide them with the opportunity to present different views and justify opinions. ICT is integral in this implementation as it provides students with learning experiences that allow them to actively research and communicate findings, in a group or individually. AS a teacher implementing this standard it is important that support and directions are provided so that students are confident in their research whilst being shown encouragement to critically reflect on their learning’s. 
*As a pre service teacher I have implemented this standard throughout my third year prac in a year 5 classroom. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to create and teach the term 4 Science and Math’s investigations. Both these investigations required me to create a four-week unit plan and individual lessons. As I Observed my students throughout these lessons I believe I created and led 'intellectually challenging learning experiences’ for students of all abilities.
*I believe that providing lessons and units like that of the Science- Murder under the Microscope will be a way I meet the requirements of this standard. Lessons and units such as these promote higher order thinking, as students are stimulated within their learning, imagination, and creativity. Using ICT throughout these lessons make students aware of the resources and knowledge free to them so that they can inquire and support their own learning through problem solving and understanding