Standard Four


Standard 4- Design and implement learning experiences that value diversity


*It is of utmost importance to know your students. This standard means as a teacher I must firstly understand the diversity, families, community, culture, strengths and weaknesses and individual learning needs of my students. Learning experiences must reflect what students know and cater for the above differences.
*Understanding that diversity exists in each classroom is the first step in facilitating inclusive education. Classrooms are made up of children with unique characteristics, abilities, interests and learning needs. The teacher must empower learners of all abilities and interests to set their goals high and work towards accomplishing them.  
*The science lessons linked on the previous standard are evidence of how I have created learning experiences valuing diversity. Students were placed in mixed ability groups, using a variety of resources such as books, PDF documents and the internet to complete a research task.
*During my time at university and within my prac experiences I have witnessed classroom diversity and the various needs of individuals in the classroom. I believe I have learnt a lot about diversity in the classroom in the past four years and as I build on my knowledge, I will be able to successfully meet the requirements of standard four.