Standard Seven


Standard 7- Create and maintain safe and supportive learning environments


*Positive and safe learning environments are integral in creating a happy and supportive classroom. Students should be encouraged to foster positive attitudes towards their learning through motivating and stimulating lessons, implemented by the teacher. The teacher and students would together establish rules and guidelines, all understanding what appropriate behaviour is expected, and the consequences if this were not. Behaviour management strategies should be fair and the teacher should know when more advice is needed regarding a particular student and their behaviour and attitude. The classroom should be a place where all students and the teacher feels safe and supported with effective communication and resolution strategies, and effective implementation of all lessons ensuring a range of techniques are used, gaining full student participation. 
*In my classroom I aim to create this environment discussing and brainstorming with my students on what they believe a safe and supportive classroom looks and feels like. I understand that there will be school policies in place regarding behaviour management and I intend on following these as I build this classroom.
*Prac experiences have helped gain my understanding in this area with PD sessions around behaviour management strategies like the '5 finger plan' and various positive reinforcement ideas that can be used within the classroom. Positive reinforcement became a crucial part of my teaching whilst on third year prac.