Parent's Corner

Welcome Parents!!

This part of my webpage is dedicated strictly to parents. 

Our next upcoming event is our Spring concert on May 12th.  Elementary Students are to meet in their regular classroom with their teacher, secondary students need to meet in the Band room.  All students need to be in their specific places NO LATER than 6:15 PM! 

All students are to wear nice clothing!!  Please no jeans and T-shirts.  We are trying to teach students the correct ettiquite when performing and only nice clothing is acceptable.

Students will be sitting in the designated music department section of the gymn.  Pre-School students will be the only students allowed to return to their parents after they sing. All other classes will sit together and will not be excused to leave until the end of the concert. 

Concert Etiquette:  Please turn off or put on vibrate all cell phones.  Your young children are welcome to come but please keep them with you at all times and if they become fussy please take them into the hallway until they are settled again.  Please stay in your seat until the number is done.  Lastly, plase be quiet and polite during numbers so that your students can remain focused on their performance.  These are behaviors that we are trying to teach your students here at school, and you are their best role model.

Any questions please feel free to contact me at the school or by email.