5 Reasons to Make Animated Video for Your Product

Thousands of companies now own an animated explainer video. Most of them probably read a few case studies and got convinced that animated explainer videos really work like a charm.

But you are not like them. Even if I told you that 59% of marketers use animated explainer videos to sell their product (and only 19% invest on live action explainer videos), it would not make any difference. Maybe it will, but if it doesn’t, you would be questioning yourself, and us, which is good — an animated explainer video or a live action explainer video?

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Animated videos are more engaging

Think back to when you were a kid and your parents would stick a cartoon on and you’d be glued to the TV for hours. There’s something about animation that grabs our attention and not just as children either. At its peak The Simpsons achieved 13 million viewers per episode, many of which were adults and Family Guy reached an impressive 12 million adult viewers. And don’t get me started on Pixar… Let’s face it, we just love cartoons!

Google and YouTube just love animated videos

You can turn marketing videos into enticing pieces for Google. And you better do that, just because Google is the most important search engine of them all! Just be careful enough to include a succinct description of your video, make up a catchy title and also incorporate convenient tags. Best PSD Mockup

Please have this in mind: a website with a video on it can attract as high as 2 or 3 times more monthly visitors, and they will double their time spent on that site, generating an increase of 157% in traffic coming from search engines. Also, that same website with a video on it, in comparison with another with only written text, will multiply the average number of linking domains by three.


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