How to Use Animations in Mobile Apps

Visual Feedback

Visual feedback is crucial for any user interface. In the physical world, objects respond to our interactions with them. People expect a similar level of responsiveness from app elements. Visual — as well as audible and haptic feedback from an app — makes users feel in control. Visual feedback also serves a more simple function: it indicates that your app is working properly! When a button grows in size or a swiped image moves in a certain direction, it’s clear that the app is “doing something,” that it’s responding to the user’s input. In the example below, when a user checks the box to indicate that the task is complete, the block containing this data shrinks in size and changes its color to green. 99effect


Fun Animations

Animation in a mobile app can be used not only to induce interaction, but also to create a certain atmosphere. In such a way you can make the product more fun for users, evoke certain emotions and promote the formation of an identifiable brand. Eymockup


Animated onboarding screens

Software developers understand the importance of the onboarding process. This helps first-time users to become familiar with the app — there’s a real risk people will abandon the app if they do not understand how to work with it.

Showing static slides to users is a common approach to the onboarding experience, but animated walkthroughs are much more engaging.


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