Technology EDUZ-1000-21032 ACT FAST TRAK PHASE ONE

Dallas County Community College DistrictBrookhaven CollegeACT Program Course Syllabus  

Course Name: Technology EDUZ-1000-21032 ACT FAST TRAK PHASE ONE

 Meeting days & times: Tuesday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. (Sept 29 – October9)     Room:   Computer Lab East Campus  Room 12 

Time and Attendance Policy: This course is a 36 (clock hour) course in order to successfully receive a certificate of participation in this course, the student must attend, all nine sessions. Please Note: In the event of an unforeseen emergency or an extenuating circumstance one absence may be allowed provided that the student submits proper documentation regarding the matter.  Instructor:  Mary Vaughn

Contact Information: Email:      (901) 673-7532

Campus Inclement Weather Hotline:  (901) 860-4200 Brookhaven ACT Office: 901-860-4271 or Main CE office 901-860-4600Campus Inclement Weather Hotline:  901-860-4200           

Course Description: An introductory course that examines the role of computers and technology in education. This course is designed to emphasize the use of technology in the classroom to maximize student engagement and teacher effectiveness. Students will be introduced to example software applications that may be used in schools as well as various ways to integrate technology into the curriculum.  

Required Textbooks: Haberman, Martin. Star Teachers of Children in Poverty. Kappa Delta Pi. 1995.  Available from 

Materials or Tools: Access to word processor, email and internet account.
External Media Storage Device (Thumb Drive) – Minimum 1 GBAccess to Local Public Library or Brookhaven Library 

At the completion of this course the successful learner will be able to...

1. Locate and critically evaluate media content for appropriateness in the classroom

2. Integrate computer and media resources with lesson plans

3. Leverage available resources to maximize student engagement

4. Use technology to assess student learning

5. Identify and apply best practices for educational technology 

Grading Policy: 

 ORID Assignments     40%

Class Participation       20%

Projects                        30%

Final Exam                  10%                            

Students must achieve 80% proficiency to pass this course