State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) PPR EC-12


Competency 009 The teacher incorporates the effective use of technology to plan, organize, deliver,and evaluate instruction for all students. 

The beginning teacher:

·         Demonstrates knowledge of basic terms and concepts of current technology (e.g., hardware, software applications and functions, input/output devices, networks)

.·         Understands issues related to the appropriate use of technology in society and follows guidelines for the legal and ethical use of technology and digital information (e.g., privacy guidelines, copyright laws, acceptable use policies)

·         Applies procedures for acquiring, analyzing, and evaluating electronic information (e.g., locating information on networks, accessing and manipulating information from secondary storage and remote devices, using online help and other documentation, evaluating electronic information for accuracy and validity)

·         Knows how to use task-appropriate tools and procedures to synthesize knowledge, create and modify solutions, and evaluate results to support the work of individuals and groups in problem-solving situations and project-based learning activities (e.g., planning, creating, and editing word processing documents, spreadsheet documents, and databases; using graphic tools; participating in electronic communities as learner, initiator, and contributor; sharing information through online communication)

·         Knows how to use productivity tools to communicate information in various formats (e.g., slide show, multimedia presentation, newsletter) and applies procedures for publishing information in various ways (e.g., printed copy, monitor display, Internet document, video)

·         Knows how to incorporate the effective use of current technology; use technology applications in problem-solving and decision-making situations; implement activities that emphasize collaboration and teamwork; and use developmentally appropriate instructional practices, activities, and materials to integrate the Technology Applications TEKS into the curriculum

·         Knows how to evaluate students' technologically produced products and projects using established criteria related to design, content delivery, audience, and relevance to assignment

·          Identifies and addresses equity issues related to the use of technology.