Class 1

Class Session 1 - September 29, 2009·         Knows how to incorporate the effective use of current technology; use technology applications in problem-solving and decision-making situations; implement activities that emphasize collaboration and teamwork; and use developmentally appropriate instructional practices, activities, and materials to integrate the Technology Applications TEKS into the curriculum.


BellRinger/WarmUp Activity

  • Do you  have an Ecampus or Econnect account?  If not, go to , and click on I Aam New To Econnect and register at Continuing Education/Workforce Training Student Menu and register for an account.  If you do have an account, your task is to search for this course to review the information. 

Computer and/or Seat Activities                                                                                     

  •   Review the Syllabus                                                                                                              

      ·         What is ORID?  How Will We Use this Technique? Handout                                              

      ·         Technology Applications Standards for Beginning Educators                                                  

Handout to read and ORID.            Form your groups.

     ·         Determine Your Level or Stage of Technology Integration                                                     

     ·         Join this  listserv and choose ITFORUM and then review the technology                                  

      assessment and other items on this forum.  ORID 

·         Find new ways to enhance student learning through technology   using Microsoft Office Applications:

 o   Assignment:  Go to this website or and choose only one lesson plan that you can use with your specific subject or grade level incorporating the use of Microsoft Word or Excel or PowerPoint, etc.  Transfer the information to a lesson plan template of your choice or. Make changes as needed to reflect your students' needs.                                                      

o   Assignment:  Go to this website pertaining to software applications                    or  and choose only one area of interest that you can use in your subject or grade level  as a cross-curricular project.  Explain  how you would use the online software chosen. 

  • Homework Assignment and Wrap-up:                                                                           

        Create a Smartboard account at this website and click on JOIN. 

  Bell Ringer/Warm Up Activity