Class 3

Class Session 3 – October 1, 2009   Managing Student Behavior Bell Ringer/Warm Up Activity                                                                                               

 ·         State Technology Assessments     ORID   Handout  Star Chart                                    

Computer and/or Seat Activities                                                                                     

·         Software Evaluation:                                                                                                                         

Students will examine a piece of educational software that is currently used in K-12 schools.  Students will evaluate the software for its educational value and will present the software and their analysis of its usefulness to the class.





·         PowerPoint Presentation:                                                                                                      

Students will examine an issue associated with using technology in the classroom and will make a presentation to the class about the issue, the problems associated with it and possible classroom solutions.1.      Inclusion (special education students) Issue2.      Language issue3.      Students with disabilities4.      Change5.      Technical Support6.      Exaggeration of  the educational inequalities of gender, race or social class·         Excel Presentation:                                                                                                                 60Handhelds in the Interactive Classroom o   100 Uses for Handhelds - is more information about integrating these devices into your instructional environment:

o   From the articles above, create a Spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel listing the types of handhelds and how they can be used in your subject and grade level classroom.

·         Senteo Technology -                 

Assignment:  Explain how this technology works or what it is?  How could you use it in your subject and grade level classroom?  What is the cost?

  • Homework Assignment and Wrap-up:      ORID                                                                                                            

Research Assignment:          What is a webquest?