Class 8

·         Browse this Teacher Tool website and choose at least two that you can use   ORID  Group Assignment.                                         

Computer and/or Seat Activities                                                                          Minutes                      

  •         How to Create a Webpage                                                                                                145 Assignment”  You will create a web page for your class which will look similar to a Weekly Newsletter .  You may use Word or PowerPoint and save it as a webpage to make it easier. ( that you might send home to your students’ parents telling them about the week’s assignments, upcoming events or any other pertinent information related to your class.  Include a link to the website: where you will post your weekly spelling words if it is an elementary gradeThe newsletter can be only one but no more than two pages.            How would you go about doing this? Many places offer free websites. First, you can check with your school to see if they have a website, and whether you could create a page which would be linked to that site. If that is not available, Geocities is just one example where you can sign up and get room to upload your information onto your own page.        Group Assignment

      ·         Break                                                                                                                                     15  

  • Final Exam Review   ORID                                                                                                    45

                                                 The Haberman Educational Foundation: Star Teachers of children in Poverty    textbook.              Additional Reference:   


  • Homework Assignment and Wrap-up:                                                                                  5
                                                Complete the reading of Star Teachers of Poverty book.