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3/4 Math Practice

Multiply Sevens

Math Fact Mash Up

8 times tables trick

Multiplication Rap

Division Song

20 Flocabulary Multiplication and Division Songs
Multiplication vidoes, math songs, math poems, science poems, and math stories

NUMBER THIEF Multiplication Story and Songs



Free Math Worksheets/Free printable materials.

Divide Fractions
Keep Change Flip offers a flash card maker to create FREE flash cards online and interactive games, such as crosswords that can improve your brain power.
Fraction Target Shoot and Fraction Frenzy Games Link Links to math games that cover all of the math curriculum topics

Math Dictionary

Print Math Practice Sheets for Free:3rd/4th grade practice sheets 

FRACTION PRACTICE Fraction Soccer-Comparing Fractions Go to the link, then scroll down to the fractions and choose game one.

Solve the Cafeteria Caper
Crack Math Mysteries
Solve Max's math Adventures

More Facts practice

1. Times Tables Practice (Scroll through the page for links to different levels and activities)

2. Multiplication Timed Tests

3. Math Magician-Math Fact Games

These sites include math fact drills

4. Free Math Worksheets
Free printable materials.

5.Math Playground
Give your brain a workout with logic games, story problem practice, and Math Video Clips (tutorials). Video Clip categories to choose videos from are Numbers and Properties; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division; Fractions; Percent; Decimals; Measurement; and Geometry.
The site also includes a math manipulatives page, and a Timez Attack multiplication fact Video game.

6. Interactive Learning that Corresponds to the topics taught in 3 and 4 Math this year. Includes games, practices, and tutoring videos.
Topics in Math/Practice 


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