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7th/8th Science

7th/8th Science




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Assignment September 10, 2019

Use the above link covering Chapter 1 sections 3 and 4 and create a set of notes typed in your google docs. The set of notes needs to be over ALL of the slides and have all important information that is in the powerpoint. DO NOT RUSH  TO GET DONE. This assignment is worth 215 points.

When you are done with your notes, please share your assignment to me at the following email:

DENSITY CALCULATIONS  VIDEOS Solving Density Problems  Density Word Problems Density, Mass, Volume Problems

Density Song




Helpful Links practice tests for placement exam

Vocabulary Hangman

Periodic table.pdf

8th Science Glossary.pdf

Science Report Writing.pdf

Conversion Factors Between Metric and Customary Units offers a flash card maker to create FREE flash cards online and interactive games, such as crosswords that can improve your brain power.


Mr. Parr Song Library Links Chemistry video tutorials Physical Science Video Biology Video Tutorials

Cool Demonstrations__ Ping Pong Ball Using Ivory Soap volume, pressure, temperature and a soda can



Helpful Websites practice tests for placement exam Online SIMS science and math activities grades 3-12

Science GamesGames on all topics in science 3rd to 8th grade! periodic table games periodic table games






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