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All Confirmation Service Hour forms can be placed in the Confirmation Journal throughout the school year. It is important that you do not forget to have these forms signed. Both 7th and 8th graders can be earning time toward their service hours to be applied to Confirmation. Current 7th grade students may turn these in to Divine Grace DRE Mr. Bolster. Students will earn one project hour for each activity they complete. A total of ten project hours in a combination of school, parish/community, and family are needed for Confirmation. You must have project hours in each category. 

St. Patrick DRE Tim Bolster- 
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POPE FRANCIS biography!/people/pope-francis-21152349#synopsis

Glossary of Religious Terms: Volume 1 Volume 2

The Temple in Jerusalem:,2,6,19,53
Holy Days:

Links to sites that have information about Catholic Saints.
Catholic Confirmation Name Resources Excellent source of facts about each saint with some short life summaries. It is the best place to find information on patronage and important dates.
Catholic Online Short summaries of the lives of thousands of canonized saints
Catholic Saints Another great source for basic information about the saints.
Catholic Pages Directory: Saints



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