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continents-and-oceans-online-game Continent and Ocean Song  Continent Helper Lesson Ocean Song Continent and Ocean song


MICHIGAN KIDS: GAMES AND FUN FOR MICHIGAN FACTS AND HISTORY Video Links to History Timelines/Historical Concepts

Test your knowledge with the Fascinating Facts Quiz! Learn about the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights – and much more.
Share your Constitution I.Q. with friends and family then challenge them to try their hand at the Fascinating Facts Quiz! CLICK HERE 

U.S. Presidents info on all of the presidents
Learn your Geography - interactive game to locate states, capitals, countries, etc.
Ancient History for kids -
World History for kids -
U.S. History for kids -
Free Online History Games for kids from Early Humans to Medieval Europe

American History Games 20 games

Native American Games

Moving West

Discovering Lewis and Clark
This interactive website allows students to view multimedia presentations of issues related to Lewis and Clark's historic journey.
Review the experiences of the Corps of Discovery through a game.


Tour a Colonial Era Town
Colonial tools