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The Writing Process

Steps-by-step help and Organizers for writing a good paragraph
The Writing Process-Slide Show
Revising Your Work
Proofreading Checklist


Writing Clear Sentences
1. Every Sentences has two parts: the subject and the predicate.
2.The complete subject consists of all the words in the sentence that describe what or who is being talked about.
3. The complete predicate consists of all the words in the sentence that tell what the subject is doing, did, or will do.


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 Brainstorm Ideas

2. Make an Outline
 Write a rough draft
4. Revise
5. Proofread
 Final Draft



Groups of words that do not tell or ask us something are called sentence fragments.
fragment: the blue cup
complete sentence: Randy drank cocoa from the blue cup.

Run-on sentences usually occur when end punctuation is left out of sentences. Always remember to put punctuation at the end of a sentence.
run-on: It was Donna's turn to bat she hit a homerun what a sight!
complete sentences:It was Donna's turn to bat. She hit a homerun. What a sight!





Get 2 Months for $5!