Management Plan

Ms. Wilkey’s Management Plan

Individual Incentives        

              As many of you are familiar, businesses are well managed in order to be successful. Like a business, my classroom is similarly managed. Everyone has a classroom job, and everyone receives weekly "pay" for showing up to work every day (attendance) and carrying out their job daily. We will be using a "monetary" system to keep our classroom running smoothly.  Not only do they get paid for carrying out their classroom jobs, but they also have the opportunity of earning bonuses for making good choices in the classroom. With their “money”, students have the option of buying items from the classroom store: Wilkey’s Wonders. They can buy items if they desire to spend their money, or they can put their money into their “savings account”. As the manager, I require my students to participate, collaborate, and take responsibility in performing their classroom jobs. By working together cooperatively, much learning can take place, and we will all able to successfully reach our potentials!

Group Incentives

Additionally, students are expected to work collaboratively as table teams. When collaboration is recognized, they can earn points. If ten points are earned, each member of the table team will receive $1.00 on their monetary chart.

                                                                                                                     "Monetary Chart"















Class Incentives

    Seeing as we are a classroom community, we also have the opportunity to earn class marbles. When we fill up the jar with marbles, the community will decide how we are to celebrate. Class marbles are earned when all students demonstrate exceptional teamwork, collaboration, participation, discipline, or support.