In our classroom community, there are expectations that are discussed and agreed upon. Every member of our classroom community deserves a safe environment that promotes learning.

Classroom Expectations

1. Be Respectful

-Raising our hands, eyes and ears on the speaker, using items with care, and accepting all members of the community

2. Be Responsible

-Having all class materials ready by the start of class, homework completed and turned in, and participating in class

3. Be Safe

-Walking, hands/feet/objects to ourselves, and sitting properly in chairs

4. Be Positive

-Saying encouraging words, being excited to learn, and trying our very best

If a member makes a choice that violates our classroom expectations, then he/she will be issued a consequence. The following is the list of descending consequences:

 "Every choice has a consequence."

 1. Verbal Warning: Name in the Behavior Book

2. One Check: Silent Lunch

3. Two Checks: Lose Recess

4. Three Checks: After-School Detention

5. Four Checks: Parent/Teacher Conference

*The order may be altered based on the severity of the student's behavior