MyCuteStickons Wallpaper In The Bedroom: Advantages and Advice

Decorating the room of children and teenagers can be a difficult task for several reasons, but there is a home decor detail that can help you… Have you ever thought about using wallpaper for the bedroom?


It can be playful, romantic, tender, and adventurous, depending on the chosen fantasies, and it is also perfect for stimulating their creativity. Read on to find out what its advantages are and how to choose the right one among the many children's wallpapers currently on sale at MyCuteStickons Website.


At MyCuteStickons we design almost all types of children's wallpapers that are waterproof and therefore washable, so you can easily remedy marker and color stains. Budding artists will no longer be afraid to step out of line! Add a touch of whimsy to their personal space.


MyCuteStickons Wallpaper allows you to completely change the atmosphere of a room without spending too much and in a short time. Also, if the little ones get tired it's easy to change again.


There is no need to cover the whole bedroom with wallpaper. Focus on one wall and combine some furnishing accessories, such as an ottoman, an armchair, and a lamp. In a few gestures, you will have created a masterpiece.


How to choose the right wallpaper

The key factor in choosing wallpaper for the bedroom is to find a pattern that the child likes and that fits the style of the furniture. The colors selected should be suitable for the finishes of windows, floors, and furniture: here is a list of some guidelines on the different patterns.


The reasons horizontally we do seem larger room, but can also bring up the ceiling lower than it actually is. Conversely, vertical patterns make the ceiling appear higher.


The large patterns work best in large rooms, while the small grounds are good for small spaces. If you use a large motif in a small room, you risk making it look even smaller.


The dark palette makes it seem like the smallest room, while light opens and widens a space making it appear larger.

The geometric and bold patterns are suitable for contemporary and modern rooms, but they must be wisely dosed to avoid transmitting a sense of coldness to the bedroom.


Who said you can't go for a mix & match? The important thing is to tastefully combine the different patterns, such as a striped with a floral.


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