Know about electronic locks and smart lightning

The electronic lock is the technological evolution applied to your safety and your comfort of use. Benefiting from all the latest innovations, this solution is currently on the rise, especially in the face of the insecurity that reigns everywhere. Often used in hotels, SMEs, large-scale companies, the DOOR ENTRY PHONES SYSTEM is now used in private homes. Zoom on the different characteristics and advantages of this closing device.

The various kinds of electric locks

A wide range of electronic locks arrives on the market:

The electronic code lock Gfci Circuit Breakers  is often used on access shared with several users. As the name suggests, you must enter a code consisting of numbers from 1 to 9 and letters from 1 to 4 to open or close a door. It is often the owners of buildings or residences, vaults, banks or even jewelry stores that use this device. It is also used to secure a trunk or locker for a two-wheeler or suitcase locker. The code lock can be used both indoors and outdoors. The code can be combined using ACCESS CONTROL READERS, a wheel or a touch screen. After entering the code, a light-emitting diode is triggered to indicate that the door is unlocked and locked.


The biometric lock: a preferred choice for businesses, shops, laboratories and certain houses and apartments, the biometric lock offers several functions. First of all, it effectively ACCESS CONTROL BIOMETRICS to a building by recording data. It is secondly possible to record the working hours of the employees with this locking device.

The card lock equipped with a chip: this locking system is equipped with an electronic chip which allows a door to be locked using radar. Only people registered in a remote wireless computer can access the entrance. Others can even be controlled remotely. ACCESS CONTROL CREDENTIALS are quick and security is assured.

The magnetic card lock : this type of locking device works by electricity and have COLOR RENDERING INDEX. You can find a magnetic lock directly installed on the handle or at a distance from it.



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Smart lighting doesn't transform our lives overnight, but technology still offers some interesting advantages over OFFICES LIGHTING DESIGN. Here they are:



A smart bulb is capable of wireless communication with a phone and other devices in a LIGHTING DESIGN FOR SCHOOLS, which can automate lighting. For example, those with a smart lock can automatically turn on the LUMINANCE CONTRAST when the door unlocks. Someone could also automatically turn on all the light bulbs in the basement when only one is activated, or have the light bulb turn off automatically at sunrise.



Connected bulbs can usually be Overhead Distribution System, either with a smart phone when you're at home (to see more clearly without getting up from the sofa), or even via the Internet, if you're outside the home .




Smart bulbs can be part of complex scenes, designed from a smart phone. Activating the “romantic supper” scene can therefore dim the lights in the dining room, close the smart curtains and start background music. For example: HOSPITAL LIGHTING DESIGN.