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This is the site for English II and Honors English II with Mr. Myers. 

I hope you all had a wonderful fall break and are excited to start the spring semester!

Contact Information

Mr. Douglas Myers =

Academic Assistance = Tuesday and Friday during SMART lunch & by appointment


Opening Letter

Why Study World Literature?

Students will read, discuss, and write about world literature to better understand the cultural significance of classical and contemporary works.  Students will also discuss and reflect upon complex world issues and how these issues relate to them.  In addition, students will prepare for the English II Writing Test, Comprehensive Exam, and the PSAT. 

Students should be prepared to read 10 pages a night, write extensively, pay careful attention in class, and participate in class discussion in order to be successful in this course.  There is also a strong emphasis on vocabulary and grammar. 


Classroom Policies

Please be on time and ready to work when the bell rings. 

Homework?  Students should expect homework Monday through Thursday night with a quiz or test each Friday. 

The restroom? Please wait until the class is transitioning.  If an emergency, fill out your student  planner and have the teacher sign it without interrupting the class. 

 Absent?  The daily agenda is posted on the class website.  You have one week from the date of an excused absence to come in during SMART lunch and make up any missed work or retake a test for a higher grade.

Late work?  Assignments are due at the beginning of class.  LATE HOMEWORK AND CLASSWORK WILLNOT BE ACCEPTED.  Major assignments lose 10 points a day for up to three days. 

Please refer to the school website for electronics, cheating, dress code policies, etc. 

ReTest Policy? If a student fails a test, they may take it again with the possibility of raising it up to a 70. 

Computer Use? SRMHS’s Acceptable Use Policy applies at all times.  


Grade Breakdown

Homework 15%

Classwork 20%

Quizzes 25%

Tests/Papers/Projects 40%

There will also be a comprehensive midterm and final.  Grades will be updated weekly in SPAN. 

See Ms. Cotten if you don’t have an account. 

Parents, this is an excellent way to stay informed regarding your child’s progress. 


A note from the teacher:  Parents and students should both use the class website to check what we do each day in class and see the dates for upcoming quizzes and tests.  Homework assignments are posted there too.  By working together everyone will stay informed.  Thank you. 

Thank you.