H. English II

STUDY GUIDE: H. English II Final 

Review your midterm and old tests!!! 
Who wrote IliadQuestions from the book we looked at in classMain characters & relationshipsStudy the test questions 
Who wrote “The Grail”RomancePercevalQuestions at the end of story 
Who wrote Things Fall ApartMain characters and relationshipsStudy guide questions / reading packQuestions from quizzes
Who wrote A Doll’s HouseCharacterization, themeQuestions at the end of each act 
Who wrote All Quiet on the Western FrontStudy guide questions, notes from powerpointThemesQuestions from the test 
Who wrote “Two Friends”Realism, naturalismQuestions at end of story 
Who wrote “How Much Land Does a Man Need?”Allegory, parableQuestions at end of story 
“Philosophy and Spiritual Discipline”ParadoxExcerpt on Mohandas GandhiQuestions at end of story 
“The Analects” of ConfuciusMaximQuestions at end of story 
“Zen Parables”ParableQuestions at end of story 
Thousand and One Nights – “Fisherman and the Jinnee”MoralQuestions at end of story  
Who wrote “Dead Men’s Path”ConflictQuestions at the end of story  
Who wrote Thoughts of Hanoi Theme, questions at end of poem         
Who wrote Ode to My Socks   surrealism, questions at end of poem 
Who wrote Sea GrapesAllusion, questions at end of poem (p. 1261) 
Who wrote The AlbatrossQuestions at the end of the poem 
Who wrote The Guitar and Rider’s SongQuestions at the end of the poem  
Vocab Units #1 – 9
Review old quizzes
Grammar & Writing:
Review the grammar worksheets 
singular/plural words + the proper form of the verb “to be” 
thesis statement 
MLA heading 
How to start an essay (creative opening) 
How to use a quote (punctuation) 
coordination / subordination packet 
fragments & run-on sentences