Oedipus Background Questions

p. 198 - 204

1.  Who wrote the play Oedipus? 


2.  What country is the playwright from? 


3.  Define the term tragedy:


4.  Define the term tragic flaw:   


5.  What experienced a “Golden Age” during the 5th century? 


6.  How did Oedipus win the hand of Jocasta?   


7.  Why did Jocasta and Laius plan to have their baby son killed? 


8.  “All the action in the play takes place in a ___________ __________ and involves a small number of __________.” 

 9.  Define the term verbal irony: 

10.  Define the term dramatic irony:


11.  What are the structural parts of most Greek tragedies? 


12.  What situation does the play open with “that Athenians could identify with”? 


13.  Who is Oedipus?


14.  Who is Creon? 


15.  Who is Teiresias? 


16.  Who is Jocasta?