Why Do I Need a Ketone Supplement?

So, why does the body need a ketone supplement when the body can produce ketones naturally during ketosis?

First, we need to identify two very important terms: Endogenous and Exogenous. Endogenous means inside the body. Exogenous means outside of the body.

Natural ketosis is when ketones are produced inside the body (endogenous). This happens when you drastically reduce carbs and sugar from your diet and your body begins to burn stored fat as fuel. This is a great thing if you are wanting to lose extra fat, bit it can several days to happen. So, endogenous ketones are produced as a byproduct of fat oxidation.

Maintaining a state of ketosis is incredibly difficult, as it requires very specific dietary requirements.

Keto supplement is a therapeutic ketone diet pills that puts ketones in your body. Specifically, a ketone called beta hydroxybutyrate. This gives you the benefits of nutritional ketosis without the need for such a strict diet. With Keto supplement, your body can now operate on two fuel sources–glucose and ketones.

An important thing to keep in mind is that if you are using glucose as your fuel source, your body is not using ketones produced inside you body (endogenously). That's a major factor. Because with Keto supplement, you can now have both glucose and ketones as fuel sources in your body. So, you are operating on a duel fuel source system. Plus, the ketones in the product are used by your body's cells without the need for insulin. So, you body is not having to break down the ketones.

That's pretty profound, and something that anyone who wants to optimize their body for fat loss, better performance, more energy and several other benefits can experience great results.

You may hear a lot of people talk about keto pills like Keto Trim as a weight loss product. It's not.

Now, the product certainly has helped a lot of people lose a significant amount of weight. Unlike other popular “weight loss” products that really offer quick fixes, this product actually helps you to develop lasting positive habits.

Keto supplement is a terrific appetite suppressant, helping you avoid unhealthy snaking on carbs and sugar. The ketones in the product are used as real energy by your body. We're not talking about a fake-energy stimulant. Ketones have a caloric value but do not require insulin to enter your cells. This is huge! Ketones are more efficient than glucose, which, for most people, is the body's main fuel source.

So, now you are introducing a second fuel source into your body. One big problem with eating less is that you're hungry. But when your body is getting the fuel it needs to function, you're not hungry.

All of this combined creates an ideal atmosphere for your body to burn fat. Weight loss is great, as long as it's fat loss! Also, ketones are naturally anti-catabolic. This means they help prevent muscle breakdown so that your body isn't using the protein (your muscle) for energy. That's less fat and more muscle.