GUIDE: How To Win A Game In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2


For players, Fortnite Competitive is a whole new world. When flipsiders compete against one another for large money, the room takes on a whole new vibe. The ever-evolving Fortnite Battle Royale has new metas, techniques, loot spots, advice, and more.

Being a competitive player means showing oneself to be the greatest of the best and deserving of Victory Royale. Fortnite gamers like Clix, Bugha, Mongraal, Benjyfishy, and others use particular tips and methods to improve their chances of victory. The Fortnite generator is the most effective tool for generating free v bucks in the game.

GUIDE: How To Win A Game In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

What are the Fortnite Pros' Secrets?

Casual players have been influenced by Fortnite Competitive to take a different approach to the game. Players learn from the experts and sweat it out in their games, cranking 90s, digging through builds, and having piece control on their opponents.

Here are some pointers on how they go about it:

1) Make a Loot Trail

The new chapter's initial hurdle for players is adjusting to the new map and POIs. The community normally need some time to become familiar with all of the map's places. The next step is to choose a landing place with a 100% chest spawn rate.

Players must also be mindful of their surroundings, which may aid them in fight (such as Spider-webs, Man's which aid players in bouncing off in Chapter 3 Season 1).

Bugha and other top Fortnite players scout numerous spots and pick their spot to collect enough weaponry for an early game combat.

2) Master at Least 2 Locations in the Map

All professional Fortnite players scout different POIs that they are comfortable with and can get good loot in before any Cash Cup. It's critical for a player to know where they're landing and be able to find a chest or avoid getting drenched.

Once the player is comfortable with their preferred location, they can simply conquer it by destroying any opponents who land there. Players must examine their drop places on a regular basis in order to gain a gameplay edge based on their skill set.

3) Fleeing Isn't a Cowardly Move; It's a Wise One

In Fortnite Battle Royale, it is critical for every player to engage in intense combat situations. However, things can get out of hand to the point where a player may be unable to win their fight. Carrying traversal loot like as Web-Shooters and Launchpads can enable them escape circumstances where they might be eliminated in this scenario.

Harvesting more materials, reaching maximum HP, and reloading weapons can all assist players confront a new challenge and swing the tide in their favor once they've escaped.

4) Maintain a Well-Balanced Loadout

Players in Fortnite must be cautious of their loadout. They must make an informed decision in order to best fit their abilities in order to defeat their opponent. Players will become more familiar with their equipment if they practice with the same loadout every day, especially in this new chapter of Fortnite.

To build a Balanced Loadout, players should carry a Consumable, Traversal Ability, Close Ranged, and Long Ranged weapon.

5) "Practice Makes Perfect," as the Saying Goes

Grinding Creative practice maps such as Realistics, Zone-Wars, 1v1s FFA, Box Fights, and others can assist players in facing and winning various combat scenarios. Pros use Creative mode to warm up before playing a Battle Royale battle to increase their attentiveness, muscle memory, and rapid decision making.

It can assist Loopers develop more techniques to win games in Fortnite Battle Royale after they've mastered it. Pros like Clix and Mongraal promoted Box battles throughout the player base, demonstrating the value of hard work and practice.

6) It is Not Unethical to Use the Meta.

Chapter 3 of Fortnite is chock-full of brand-new Metas that gamers discovered in the first week. The community has tried everything from Stinger SMG sprays to glitching out vaults to obtain their Victory Crowns this season.

Competitive pros, on the other hand, recognized their opportunity and began using it to their advantage in Arena game modes to win their matches.

How To Win A Game In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

With the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, a slew of new features have been added to the game. While the majority of these are cosmetic or have an effect on the battle pass, some of them may have an effect on your gameplay and ability to obtain Victory Royales.

We've got a ton of advice, from beginner courses to cutting-edge new strategies that could even teach the experts a thing or two.

After all, with so many new and returning players in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, victory will be more difficult than ever before.

It's never too late to learn anything new, so set your pickaxe aside for a bit and double-check your knowledge.

1) Area for Training

Learn everything there is to know about each weapon, including its rate of fire, reload time, and bullet drop. When you're up against foes who don't know their weaponry very well, this will come in handy.

You'll know what to search for, where to find them, and which weapons are best for your style. In general, bolt-action sniper rifles excel at long range and battle shotguns excel in city firefights, but you'll have to experiment to determine what works best for you.

2) Learn How to Build

If you've ever watched professional Fortnite players play, you'll know that constructing is crucial. As a result, resources are limited.

In the early rounds of the game, harvest as much wood, stone, and metal as you can with your pickaxe, and then learn how to build structures swiftly. Good players can quickly construct multi-story skyscrapers and climb to the top of them.

If you're playing on PC, it might be worth rebinding your keys so you can build a structure faster. Key bindings can be found in the settings and may be more convenient than reaching for the number keys.

It's best to try it with your mouse's scroll wheel. Get your building practiced in whatever way you can. Remember that in any Fortnite scenario, higher ground is always preferable, so make sure you're Obi-Wan and not Anakin.

Building is another area where the new physics engine might have a significant impact, so keep an eye out for updates, patch notes, and come back here for additional information as soon as it's available!

3. Know Where You Want to Land

Landing in Fortnite is usually difficult, especially in Solos. Do you risk dying empty-handed by choosing a busy place with more loot?

Do you choose a quieter Point of Interest, or do you risk being left without adequate weaponry when the combat finally occurs?

We recommend going straight down the middle. There are many POIs on the outskirts of major locations that give fantastic loot with a small number of people.

You can then enter the bustling POI with full shields and good weapons, ready to fight. In our landing guide, we have a comprehensive list of landing sites.

Always be aware of where the circle is and when it will appear. The storm can take a toll on your health, especially later in the game, so avoid it at all costs.

Know where you are and where you need to go to gain an environmental advantage in any battle.

Recognize the circle, respect the circle, and avoid dying in a storm. In order to obtain free v bucks, you should use the Fortnite hack tool. It's also important to be in touch with your team so they don't get caught off guard. When the opponent has you pinned down with sniper fire, the last thing you want to do is revive a comrade.

4. Learn From The Best

Whether it's watching Ninja or reading this article, observing and learning from others can help you become a better person.

Just make sure you take the correct things away from them, and you'll see results quickly.

Your choice of pro is irrelevant, whether Ninja or Loeya. Take notes when watching Twitch feeds or the Fortnite World Cup. Keep an eye on what they're doing, when they reload, where they build, and everything else.