Go Figure

Brain Strain


Problem #1     

Sally went to her favorite fishing spot and caught a whopper!  The head of the fish she caught was ten inches long.  The length of the fish's tail was equal to the length of its head plus half the length of its body.  The body of the fish was as long as the head and tail together.  What was the total length of Sally's fish?


Problem #2

2.a) How many tiles are needed to fill an area of 40 square feet if the tiles measure 12 inches x 12 inches?

2.b)  Sam had a patio area of 250 square feet that he planned to cover with patio slabs 18 inches x 18 inches.  How many patio slabs does Sam need?  (Round your answer)

2.c)  Ezekiel has three times as many cats as he has dogs.  What proportion could be used to find how many dogs Ezekiel has if he owns eighteen cats?  (Set up a proportion and then solve.)


Problem #3

Consider two types of circular pizzas that are similar in every respect except for the sizes.  One is large and the other is small.  The large one has a 12-inch diameter, and the small one has a 6-inch diameter.  The large one costs $12, and the small one costs $6.  Question:  Which is a better deal if you are thinking about ordering many pizzas for a large party?


Problem #4


A point has how many dimensions?

a.   0

b.  1

c.  2

d.  3


Problem #5


What is the number 3,745.60 written in scientific notation?  (Hint:  leave off the unnecessary zero)

a.   3.7456 x 103

b.  37,456 x 101

c.  37.456 x 102

d.  3745.6 x 100


Problem #6


The perimeter of a square is 48 feet.  What is its area in square feet?