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My prayers are with you during this trying time of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  Please take precautions with all your decision making.  Since we are not in classes at this time, I thought that creating a web page might be a good way to communicate with all of you.  Do you miss me?  crying


Adult Education Department

Latest Updates: Information may change at any time.

Online classes to continue through the summer semester.

Date Event Comments

May 21 


Summer Semester Begins

Students work strictly online

(AZTEC or Khan Academy)

July 31


Summer Semester Ends

May 21 - July 31

Students work strictly online

(AZTEC or Khan Academy)

August 1


Anticipated Traditional Schedule

Return to Classes

Classes Resume in Classroom on Monday

December 1 


Graduation Day

If you are preparing for your GED, you still have about 6 months to pass your exams!

Use your time well.



Students work strictly online during the summer semester using either AZTEC or Khan Academy.  Your attendance will be taken from these two programs.

Those who are using Khan Academy were mailed assignments.  These assignments can also be found when you log into the classroom.  

If you are still having trouble connecting with the internet, please contact me using the email that was mailed to you.


Question:  What if I do not have Internet service?

Most of you have cell phones.  We know that AZTEC and cell phones do not get along, but at least try.  Maybe someone that you know has a textbook or computer that you may borrow or use.  Also, invest in your future; purchase a book online.  The Kaplan GED Prep study guide has a statement printed on the front "Passing Scores Guaranteed".  I am not advocating any particular textbook; but, just think...you get to write in your own book.  Khan Academy works well with a cell phone, try it.  smiley


Extremely Important:  Contact your internet service provider, some providers are offering free services during this time.



Thanking all of you for your dedication to our program!yes





Mrs. Bailey




P.S.  Some of you will be ready to test when you return to the classroom.