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Update: 6-13-20

More Resources:



Lot of Good Stuff



MATHBITS Links (free):


What do I need to do when I am in MATHBITS?

  1.  Click on one of the links attached
  2. Decide which content area to work on
  3. Choose by clicking on the subject
  4. Go through a lesson or lessons
  5. Then take a practice test on the lessons 
  6. Automatic pop ups confirm answers








Update:  3-24-20 (Math)

I am attaching a link to a Pre-Algebra Workbook Study Guide.  You may download and print the book; or you may download and work the problems from the computer screen.  Either way this is good exercise to supplement your online studies.  The answers to all the problems are in the study guide either after the exercise or at the end of the book.  Enjoy!


Another good website that is easy to find worksheets is Kuta Software.  Click on the link and you will find a page of math curricula.  Anything and everything that needs some practice is located here.  Click on the subject and you will receive free worksheets with answers.  Fabulous!




Update:  3-24-20 (RLA)


Try this website for free reading comprehension worksheets with answers.  Another great site to boost scores in reading and language.  Pick a grade level from the menu located within the webpage.  You may also pick an area to your left in the menu for extra practice.  Toward the bottom of the page are critical thinking passages.  Great!  Try it, you might like it.