Educational Philosophy

My Educational Philosophy 
v  My philosophy is built on the basic premise that all children can learn when taught in a modality that works best for them.  I will use differentiated instruction in my classroom to maximize learning for all students.  My main objective is to create a positive, nurturing, and learning environment where my students are eager to explore new territories, work together with their peers, sharing ideas and gaining knowledge together as well as individually. 
v  I will encourage my students to interact with one another to develop social virtues such as cooperation and acceptance of different points of view.  Also to learn about, and appreciate cultural diversity, and to understand that differences are what makes our world interesting.  My goal is for students to respect the diverse nature of the world they live in.
v  I believe in the importance of exposure to democracy in early learning.  By allowing my students choices, I will empower them as individuals who learn to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, to understand the consequences of their actions, and to make responsible choices for themselves.  I will create an invitingly pleasant and safe environment where everyone is treated with respect and fairness.
v  I am committed to designing and implementing lessons which motivate my students to become lifelong learners.  I will center my lessons around experiences that are relevant to their lives, incorporates  the use of technology, arouses curiosity, and pushes them to use thought-provoking techniques to achieve a higher level of learning. 
v  I believe that education should be more than merely preparation for adult life, it should be a perpetually enriching process of ongoing growth.  I wish to instill the lifelong love for learning in every student who enters my classroom.