Week 1 (August 22) - Fill out and Sign the last page of the Syllabus, an have it returned by Friday, August 26th

                 Geo & Alg - Vocab Crossword. Due 8-25-16

                           Geo - Form K (Naming Points). Due 8-26-16

                          CMP - GCF & LCM. Due 8-26-16

                             Alg - "Get Ready". Due 8-26-16

Week 2 (August 29) -  The homework was really classwork. If the student was able to finish the work then they did not have to take it home. 

Week 3 (September 4) -  We will begin to use the Chrome Books both inside and outside the classroom.

Week 4 (September 12) - 

                Geo & Alg - We are working on a small packet in class on Wed. & Thurs. and is homework Thurs. if not completed.

                         CMP - All work should be complete in class.