Each day students must come prepared for class.  The following supplies are required for my class and will be needed as soon as possible.  All supplies will be clearly marked with the student’s ID number and will be kept in the classroom.  Items can be purchased from any HEB, Walmart, Target, Dollar General or Family Dollar Store, Amazon, etc.


  • Folder – Purple, bradded, pockets
  • Pencils – 24+
  • Map Pencils – pkg of 12
  • Small pencil Sharpener
  • Composition Notebook
  • Notebook Paper – 1 pkg
  • Post-its – 1 cube or 3 normal size


  • Protractor         
  • Compass
  • Graph Paper – 1 pkg
  • Sheet Protectors – 8 minimum


  • Erasers
  • Kleenex – 1 box


Student folder will hold notes, classwork, homework, projects and graded assessments. The Journal is will be for vocabulary, foldables, and illustrations. Students will be allowed to use the contents of their class folder and journal on some quizzes.  Each six weeks, the folders will be cleaned out and readied for the new six week material.

The only materials that students will need to bring to my class daily are a pencil and homework when assigned.  The other needed items (above list) will already be in the classroom.