Algebra Assignments

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Work for Sep. 9, 2017 ( Lesson 1.1 variables and expressions)

click here to view lesson 1.1 videos


Read book pg 4-6 and work on 1.1 practice worksheet and matching expressions worksheet

quiz problems:

Give two ways to write each algebraic

expression in words.

1. j – 3

2. 4p

3. Mark is 5 years older than Juan, who is y years old. Write an expression for Mark’s age.

work for Sep. 11, 2017 (lesson 1.3 Real numbers and the number line)

Click here for lesson 1.3 video

Read book pg 16-19 and work on 1.3 practice worksheet

work for Sep 12, 2017

Read book pg 23-25 and work on properties of real numbers worksheets

Click her for lesson 1.4 video

Work for Sep 13, 2017

Read book pg 61-64 and work on 1.9 practice worksheet and problems from book pg 64#1-22

Click here for lesson 1.9 video (patterns, equations and graphs)

Work for Sep. 14, 2017

(Review for chapter 1 Assessment)

work on review problems from book pg 65#25, 27-29 and Chapter review practice worksheet

Sep. 15, 2017

Students will take chapter 1 assessment: Foundations for Algebra (topics includs: variables and expressions, real numbers, properties of real numbers, patterns,equations, and graphs)