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Geometry Assignments



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work for Sep. 7, 2017 (lesson 1.2 points, lines, and planes from book pg 11)

Click here for lesson 1.2 video

Define the following

1)point (see page 11)
2)Line (pg 11)
3)Plane (pg 12)
4)Collinear points/coplanar
5)Segment (pg 12
6)Ray (pg 12)
7)Opposite rays (pg 12)
8)Postulate/axiom (pg 13)
9)Postulate 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3 (pg 13-14)
Work for Sep 9 (lesson 1.3 measuring segments--book pg 20)
Click here for lesson 1.3 video
Read examples from book pg 20-23 and work on 1-3 standardized test prep worksheet
Work for Sep. 11, 2017 (lesson 1.4 measuring angles --book pg 27)
Click here for lesson 1.4 video
Read examples from book pg 27-30 and work on 1.4 practice worksheet.
Work for Sep 12, 2017
Read examples from book pg 34-37 and work on 1.5 practice worksheet
Click her for lesson 1.5 (Exploring angle pairs)
Work for Sep. 13 and 14 (lesson 1.6 basic construction)
Read examples from book pg 43-45 and work on problems #1-16, 22-24 from book pg 46-47
On Sep. 14, work on mixed review problems from book pg 75#2, 10, 18-19 and complete Chapter review practice worksheet
Click here for lesson 1.6 videos

Constructions Congruent Line Segments

Constructing congruent angles

Constructing angle bisector

Constructing the perpendicular bisector

Practice for Parcc test: The following steps describe a compass and straightedge construction.
Step 1: Given  center the compass on point
Step 2: Adjust the compass width to be more than half of the length of the line segment. Then, draw an arc above and below line segment
Step 3: Without changing the size of the compass opening, center the compass on point  and draw an arc above and below line segment  so that these arcs intersect the other two arcs drawn in step 2.
Step 4: Using a straightedge, draw a line connecting the points where the arcs intersect.
Which construction is the result of these steps?
A. copying an angle           B. bisecting an angle          C. drawing a line parallel to a line segment                D. creating a perpendicular bisector of a line segment
2. Which step must be completed when using a compass and straightedge to construct a line through a given point, parallel to a given line?
A. copy an angle             B. bisect an angle               C. construct a perpendicular                 D. draw a perpendicular bisector

Work for Sep. 15, 2017

Students will take chapter 1 assessment on Friday, Sep. 15, 2017

Work For Sep. 18 (Midpoint and distance in the coordinate plane)

Read book pg 50-53 and work on problems from book pg 53# 1-3, 5, 8, 12-13, 18, 22, 51 and practice worksheet 1.7

Click here for lesson 1.7 video


Work for Sep. 16, 2017

Click here for lesson : Partitioning a segment





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