English I


Hello Freshman English I students!


If you're not a freshman in English I, you are on the wrong page! Or maybe you're on the "right" page because the boredom has driven you here!

Note: new assignments (post enrichment period) are graded on a complete/incomplete status in Canvas and will not be added to SIS. If you wish to see your progress on new assignments, you must view your "grade" and my comments in Canvas. SIS will not contain updated information.


First a few navigation notes:

This page will list important information daily or weekly. 

I will also post fun sites to visit and helpful links to navigate through a virtual school. These links will also be posted in Canvas.

If you want information on "assignments" you'll need to go to the class Canvas page. I will always direct you there.

Communication with me will happen through email, Canvas (I activated the message and conference options there), Remind, or Google Hangouts. Keep in mind ALL these modes of communication are monitored by the school district, so you'll want to adhere to the same rules you would if you were in the physical building.

District Link to "Learning From Home" site


(submit to Canvas Discussion Board if you want feedback)

March 24th: What are you reading, watching, listening to during the closure? What recommendations do you have for other students?

March 27th: Write a Buzzfeed type list, with pictures, on how you are fending off boredom.

April 6th: Introduction to short stories

April 13th: Thank You Ma'am by Langston Hughes - determining Theme

April 20th: Scarlet Ibis - 


Fun Links:

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Much like the digital escape rooms we've done in the past, here's a fun one to do with your family!