Mrs. Bux's Science Class


Welcome to 8th grade Science!  I am looking forward to a wonderful year with your child.  Middle School is an exciting time of learning, new discoveries and personal growth.  The curriculum lends itself to the curiosity and creativity of students at the middle school level.  I am always available to help.

Classroom Rules

  1. Be on time to class, prepared with all needed materials.
  2. Follow instructions quickly the first time they are given.
  3. Be respectful of others property and ideas.
  4. Raise your hand to speak or move around.
  5. Follow school rules on behavior and dress code.

Classroom Discipline Consequences

A written record will be kept of all classroom infractions.  Consequences will occur with repeated occurrence.  The campus procedure is stated below:

  • 1st Offense – A verbal reminder will be given the student (warning)
  • 2nd Offense – Discuss the situation with student
  • 3rd Offense – Discuss the situation with parent by phone or conference
  • 4th Offense – Teacher detention (in class with teacher supervising)
  • 5th Offense - Office Referral

Weekly Communication

On Mondays, I will send home a Weekly Grade Report for my class.  This will allow you to know the status of your child’s grades and assignments.  The report will have a space for parent signature and date.  Please sign and return the grade reports.  There is plenty of room to write a note to me on the form if you’d like.

Messaging System

I will use ClassTag messaging app to send out texts to parents.  The text messages will be about homework assigned, homework not turned in, upcoming unit tests, open house, district tests, projects, tutoring, etc.  It is a simple one-time enrollment process, and the app is FREE, safe, easy to use and built for education.  Up to 3 numbers may be listed for your student.  More details in teacher's syllabus.

Teacher Syllabus

The first day your child arrived I provided them with my syllabus which contained information for my class.  Inside are the signups for ClassTag, Google Classroom and the required Safety Contract.  If you need another copy or you need to read a particular section, click here to download it.  It is a Microsoft word document.


Classroom Goal for this Year

I will be encouraging and striving for all students to make an "80" on all assignments and tests.  All students will have a tracking folder to monitor their progress on this goal.