7th Grade Science

7th Grade Science Scope & Sequence: we will work very hard to stay on track with the following schedule...please allow some mercy due to testing and the need for any reteaching opportunities.

1st Six Weeks-    

Unit 1-Science Safety                                                   Unit 2- Flow of Energy                                              Unit 3-Physical & Chemical Changes

2nd Six Weeks-

Unit 4-Force, Motion & Energy Relationships                                                                           Unit 5-Factors Impacting the Environment

3rd Six Weeks-

Unit 6-Components of the Solar System                                                                                               Unit 7-Organisms and the Environment

4th Six Weeks-

                                                                                         Unit 8-Function and structure of Cells

5th Six Weeks-

Unit 9-Structure and Function of Living Systems                                                                                                                       Unit 10-Homeostasis 

6th Six Weeks-

Unit 11-Genetics                                                                                                                                               Unit 12-Genetic Variations and Adaptations