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First Semester Syllabus,

How this works:

1) You need to download all sheets below that have a blue line under them and place them in your binder IN ORDER.

2) On the Content Maps, you will find the essential questions and vocabulary that you need to KNOW.

3) The student checklist will enable you to determine what you need to work on.

4) All assignments need to be finished and placed in your binder in order.

 UnitUUUnitUnitUnit 1 - Careers in Engineering  Content Map,

Engineering Careers Article, Engineering Careers Article Worksheet,

GACollege411 Portfolio Activity,

Careers in Engineering Trackstar,

Power Points 1, 2, 3Engineering Careers Power Point Chart,  

Engineering Disciplines, Engineering Disciplines Worksheet, Online Activity:

Example of how to do the Engineering Power Point:

Review for test

History of Engineering:

History of Engineering Power Point,

Historical figures in Engineering Power Point,

online activity: and History of Engineering worksheet,

Political Systems and Their Effect on Engineering and Technology, Political Systems Worksheet, Answers to Political Systems Worksheet,

Political Systems Puzzle, Chapter 1 Questions, Chapter 1 Power Point,

Technology Through the Ages Chart, Study Guide with Answers,

Engineering Design

Engineering Design Journal:

Power Point on EDJ, Worksheet for PP on EDJ,